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If you are an organization that is ready to embrace the next generation of cloud based technologies using real time contextual data to better understand and anticipate your consumers needs then Telematic is your partner. We have expertise in all things big data, millennials, and mobile first engagement using the most modern, open-source cloud based platforms.

We take care of your real time data challenges and help you connect with your customers.

Telematic SDK

Building something that requires telematic, driving, or location related behavior data? Our SDK integrates easily with your existing smartphone app. You will be collecting mountains of data in minutes.


If you want to build trust and loyalty with your consumers by creating authentic, engaging experiences in a digital environment, Telematic can help you. We make your products/services STICKY for MILLENNIALS using next generation technologies.

UBI SaaS Platform Solutions

Usage Based Insurance (UBI) program implementations are typically very time and resource intensive. Our smartphone based SaaS solution fast forwards your implementation -- you can have a UBI program up and running in weeks, not years.

About us

Telematic is a woman-led technology, marketing and consulting company that builds end to end mobile solutions for real time engagement with next generation consumers. We are a team of engineers, futurists, strategists, forecasters, marketers and problem solvers that leverage real time data using mobile technology to create relevant real time engagement. Our data engineering and geekiness can help you learn more about your consumers than ever before and create actionable insights that lead to more satisfied and loyal buyers.

We help you leverage big data to better anticipate your consumers needs while creating an AWESOME and wholistic experience for all.

The Team

The telematic team is co-lead by two dynamic leaders with over seventeen years combined insurance industry experience and over fifty years technical expertise in all things data. Data engineer and developer guru, Tom Yates has joined forces with CEO, actuary, researcher, and strategist, Marti Ryan. Together they bring street smart experience using cutting edge technology tools to solve clients' problems. With midwestern roots from Iowa and Illinois, and their hard-working, roll-up your sleeves work ethic, they have created an innovative SaaS platform using the latest open-source technologies and best forward thinking.

Marti Ryan

CEO & Founder

Marti Ryan is both right and left brained and has a knack for trends. Trained as an actuary for the first seven years of her financial industries career and with over twenty five years of research and data analysis experience, Marti excels at creative, realistic solutions. Marti was recently CEO/COO of a national market research and consulting business. She has the ability to spin several plates, provide five star service and keep a smile on her face. When Marti’s not “in the office” she likes to swim, hike, read, and cook for friends and family.



Thomas Yates

CTO & Founder

Tom has always been interested in the "how". As a child, he would get a new cassette tape recorder every year for Christmas. Every year, he would take it apart, to reverse engineer how it worked. Fast forward 40 years, and not much has changed. Tom has been building software for 20 years, 10 of them in the insurance industry. He's got some serious chops. In his spare time, Tom enjoys hanging out with his family, making art, and playing in a no wave band.

Telematic SDK Pricing

The Telematic SDK is a SaaS built with the most performant and fault tolerant big data technologies, and can easily land and process all the data you can throw at it in real time.

Data access is provided via simple HTTPS Data Service API calls. Data sets are also available via download.

1 - 10,000 users

$3 User/Month

10,000 - 50,000 users

$2 User/Month

50,000 + users

$1 User/Month

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